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Experienced ICO whitepaper writer. Finance and technology specialist. I've worked for KPMG, ABN Amro, ZS Associates and a number of other tier-1 corporations. As journalist, I've written for the Wall Street Journal, Euromoney, MSN Money, Time magazine, the New York Times and for many other major publications. I'm an expert at SEO and semantic analysis for best results on the web. I'm also experienced at producing thought leadership, white papers, annual reports, marketing materials, documentation, and blogs.


Named ICO expert at PRESALE.MARKET.


I'm particularly skilled at making complex ideas relevant to the professional reader, and accessible to a broad audience. With long experience at thought leadership, I can provide copy with impact for the audience you seek to reach.


I'm also good at copy that gets conversions, and at writing that works on the web.


Previously I've been on staff at MIcrosoft, and at KPMG, where I built websites and managed content strategy.


As a corporate writer, I've worked for FreshMinds, ABN Amro, NTTEurope, FC Consulting, ZS Associates, and many other companies.



I speak French, German, Italian, Dutch, and some Russian.



Specialties: copywriting, editing, Web writing, blogging, financial writing, technology and food and wine